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A Part of Luxury Industry

BY: Karishma Bansal

Staying home for nearly 8 months, I was eagerly waiting for 23rd August 2017. This day marks the beginning of my new journey. With the enthusiasm to learn and pumped up energy, I went to LCBS on the scheduled day. 

The excitement of waking up early and morning activities like having a healthy breakfast, taking ample time to finalize the clothing outfit to wear and most soothingly hearing good music to uplift my spirit while getting ready. This describes the exact morning routine that I followed prior to attending college.

The first day of the orientation was essentially an introduction on the subjects that we’ll be studying.

We also got the opportunity to meet the faculty and gain an understanding of the norms and code of conduct of the college. The feeling of awestruck emerged the moment the socializing started with my fellow batchmates who have come from different parts of India. The best part about the orientation was meeting a culturally diverse batch of students and holding interactive discussions, varied opinions and a special moment to befriend these people from diverse backgrounds.

We also got the chance to explore 4 different luxury industries- truefitt and hill under grooming sector, the Roseate hotel under hospitality sector, the BMW showroom under automobile sector and the Grand Hyatt residences under IREO real estate sector on our second day of orientation was amazing. The most eye-opening part is the realization that luxury is not just limited to hotel services, automobiles, fashion but is also about salon experience and countless other sectors.

Getting briefed on the history of Truefitt and hill, I was extremely fascinated by the rich heritage and their exemplary services that I already made up by mind about my dad’s next birthday present the moment I left the barber shop.

I did not have sufficient knowledge in the field of automobiles and had never thought of considering this sector for job placement. The valuable interaction with the sales executive, being able to gain an understanding about their role job and freedom to ask any form of irrelevant questions that crossed my mind deeply provoked the driving force within me to consider this sector. This transformation of my thought process is a stepping stone in my journey to figure out about my career’s direction.

The field trip was such an interesting and enriching experience that even after sleepless days probably because of the change of place (being away from home), I was still enthusiastic and energetic to learn some more post the completion of our exhausting schedule.

We had interactive panel discussion with some of the most influential and inspiring people from the luxury industry. Unforgettably, the best part about studying in LCBS has been the practical approach towards teaching rather than sticking to the same old ‘theoretical rule book’. It can’t be denied that standard   definitions and management modules are easy to access via internet however getting a chance to interact

with the people with years of experience in the industry, to hear about their struggle and incredible success stories, their observations and values, their personal insights as well as their words of wisdom is what makes all the difference in our learning. Certainly, the practical learning and exposure is completely different from the theoretical framework which I was trained during my undergraduate years. I have a firm desire to actively get engaged in the luxury sector which is a growing stronger every passing day, with each new lesson taught. Looking forward to a successful career and great learning experience.





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