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Rahul Narvekar :

A seasoned retail professional, have earned my stripes in Mumbai and accumulated a track record in Delhi. I have enormous experience (proven experience with a success record to boot, with global attestations to back it up) with ecommerce out of India, and I know this space from its inception to where it is today.

"Yes, I have a professional degree from IIM Calcutta, and will gleefully share with you all the hallowed rules that I learnt, that I broke, and found myself writing a new chapter in Indian ecommerce."

Specialties: ecommerce, retail on the subcontinent, all elements of the retail experience be it online or physical. By extension, a command of all aspects of real estate: sourcing, pricing, negotiation, and buying, leasing, renting, development. Marketing malls in India is an exclusive space that I am completely conversant with.