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masters degree luxury brand management

Luxury cannot be described can only be experienced

BY- Mayank

Ever heard of the saying? Luxury can never be described, it can only be experienced. This statement can be argued by a variety of examples from our day to day practices. If we closely observe, such examples can be easily spotted within our surroundings. For Instance, an unfortunate child unable to freely walk around and play basketball with his friends. The mere reason being him suffering from sclerosis. Other examples like a beggar seeking a meal, lady looking forward to an exotic vacation or even gentlemen planning to upgrade his hatchback.

 I can never thank enough the badge of luxury connect business school for getting me exposed to another level of lifestyle. A lifestyle I wouldn’t mention but instead say a necessity. Needless for some, who firmly believe in standing out of the crowd. We also open the opportunity to broaden our knowledge in different sectors such as automotive, personal goods; Real-estate and hospitality which helped us gain an in-depth understanding in these segments.

Allow me the escort you to the enriching journey of electrifying, enchanting yet astonishing world of luxury starting from BMW. The moment we walked inside the showroom we were greeted by performance driven people. They divided us into groups and we were passed to the sales team where we were explained everything from product knowledge to the basics of sales process. Surprisingly we even got the opportunity to see all the 5 new series of the Auto Park Assist which was never introduced in the Indian marker in any premium segment before signing off we moved towards the oldest Barber Shop in the world (Guinness book of world records 2000) 

When we stepped into Truefitt and Hill, the courteous manager answered all our cliché questions. Memerised by the fragrance and the ambience we got a chance to see all the famous faces from history and how they were treated. Their legacy still continues in the current information era. Fortunately we also got to see all the grooming products and fragrances.

After a hectic long day, all we need is a good nap in our bedroom. Imagine if your bedroom happens to be in a grand Hyatt residence, ah!! Nothing can stop from you reaching home!! Ireo turned out to be an ultimate combination of sheer luxury and modern engineering. Where the priority of client is given the topmost priority and the design reflects the same.

After grabbing a quick snack, we all headed towards our final destination The Roseate, where everything was around looked huge and luxurious ranging from the Chinese themed restaurant to a multi cuisine fine dining. 

Getting to closely experience different sectors, we noticed that attention was given to each detail and immense pride towards their brand totally stood out and made us fall in love. We are looking forward for a similar experience in future!


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