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It's a beautiful thing when your career and passion come together

BY- Rahul Dhall

Social Media plays a crucial role, the motive behind concluding this is directly related to my memorable life journey. Although doing my graduation from Amity University in the field of Information Technology was irreplaceably fun, my future plans of pursuing post-graduation were uncertain and blur.

These blurred lines became visible the other day when I was scrolling through the news feed of Instagram and stumbled upon some Luxury Brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Taj Hotels , Ferrari, to name a few. The moment I clicked to inquire, I was asked to register for LCBS commonly known as Luxury Connect Business School. I can’t forget this day I got the opportunity to connect with LCBS via Instagram.

Evidently people at LCBS are committed towards customer services and so fortunately I got to connect with them in a short period of time. I was patiently briefed on each and every information about the course. After a detailed conversation, I was asked to fill the entrance form as part of a standard code of conduct of every college or school. 

The First Day of College, the warm and Pleasant morning got turned into hustle and bustle because I had to travel 24 metro stations. The struggle was fruitful as I reached the college on Time. Also, they had a code of Business Formals. The best part of the very first day is meeting new people and making new friends.

The first day was mostly about getting to know the college faculty, subjects and the rules that should be followed in the college. We are thirteen students in this course, and we have students from each part of India. We have a diversity in the class because everyone is from different background of education.

The Second Day was the Industry visit, The Luxury industry is itself an ecosystem likewise the word Luxury had different meaning to each one of us. Luxury Industry has several sectors, the second Day of college was scheduled to visit Four sectors of luxury industry. We visited BMW under automobile sector, True Fitt &Hill under grooming sector, IREO (The Grand Hyatt Residences) under real estate and Roseate hotel under hospitality sector.

The prime objective behind making us visit the luxury industry was to look around how exactly your workstations in the near future might look like. This is exactly why I chose LCBS over other colleges. There ultimate motive is dedicatedly driven towards focusing towards the Practical over theory.

The third and final day continued with the induction. We had the best panel discussion led by luxury industry experts. The panel members all had different and own meanings of luxury in their dictionary. The great Day came to the end with a beautiful adage “Work with Passion”. Truly inspired to be a part of the three day induction program conducted at LCBS!


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