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Experiential Luxury :

I came here with an open mind, and it has been expanded. It’s the greatest life experience I have ever had,” – Oprah Winfrey, after a visit to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Indian heritage and culture, which is built on the foundation of “Diversity built on unity”, is strong, real, proven, and eternal. World has witnessed fascination with India that has seen royalty, inspired some of the most privileged and expensive jewelry in the world and houses world’s oldest city. With modern India increasingly becoming a focus of attention, particularly in the luxury domain, there is a imperative need for international students / young executives to learn about the Indian luxury market. This program is developed as a modular, experiential & immersive learning workshop, with the intent to expose a global learner to the intricacies of typical Indian traditional luxury domain and the Indian consumer. The delegate will develop a firsthand experience of this market with a structured learning of the mystical charm, rich heritage, glorious past as well as the current / future landscape. The program will interest anyone keen to explore nuances of Indian culture, specifically those in fashion and luxury industry segment and looking for opportunities to upgrade their knowledge.

Participants will have a chance to get immersed into the experience of Ancient Indian royal heritage and their kingdom’s lavish way of life and classic entertainment through traditional dance and music infused with spirituality combined with exposure. The live workshops will further complement the experience by imparting knowledge of fine arts and crafts. Tenderness of Indian hospitality will be a part of the program at every stage.

The group size is being restricted to 12 for a more intense interactive learning.

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